Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
— Helen Keller

Enduro Student India is an off-road student design competition bred from the need to train engineering students on practical aspect of building something with their own hands and also train them on the science of team management. The Organizing committee prides itself in being a mix of ex-participants and employees from top OEMs from varied engineering background out to teach the future of India about the need to build something with their own hands. Our motto is: Inspire to Aspire. We are out to imbibe the mantra of: Design, Build, Test, Break, Repeat among teams and will not stop until all the participants through the competition join in with us on this chant. We breathe incremental gain, live to save weight through better design and crave for more traction. We are Enduro Student India.

Enduro Student India 2020 is the 7th edition of the competition and will contain both Electric and Combustion categories.