ESI: SHootout SPecial

  1. IntroDUCTION

  2. Rulebook

  3. Calendar

  4. Registration dates

  5. Registration fees and team members

  6. Category Clarification

  7. Prize Money clarification

  1. Introduction

ESI Shootout Special is a competition within ESI wherein registering teams only compete in Dynamic events without having to undergo any pre event technical submissions or static judging. Teams of Shootout Special only need to report onsite, clear the technical inspection and go ahead to attempt the dynamic events like Acceleration, Sprint, DirtX and Endurance. The rankings for the aforementioned events would be generated considering all participants of the event (ones from the complete event as well as shootout special).

2. Rulebook

ESI: Shootout Special will follow the ESI 2020 rulebook.

3. Calendar

ESI: SS will take place on the same dates as ESI 2020. There are no pre-event technical document submission. A team only needs to submit their final team member list by 15th January, 2020.


ESI: SS registration will be open from 8th August, 2019 to 15th January, 2020

5. Registration Fees and team members

ESI: SS registration fees will be INR 40,000/- (plus 18% GST). The entry covers participation for 30 members although more members can be present in the team in exchange for additional extra members fees which has to be paid onsite (there is no upper limit for the number of team members). Team members who have passed out from college in 2019 can also participate as a team member for ESI:SS

6. Category Clarification

ESI: SS would not be a separate category. Rankings for the dynamic events would be generated taking all participants of ESI together. The points distribution for ESI: SS can be viewed in the link below.

7. Prize money clarification

Since ESI: SS is not a separate category, all prize money that is applicable for ESI: 2020 under the dynamic category would be applicable for ESI: SS. Rankings for each dynamic event would be generated taking all participants of ESI together. The top 3 from Shootout Special will be awarded trophies but there will be no separate prize money for Top 3 of Shootout Special.