Frequently Asked Questions: ESI Shootout Special

  1. What is the registration fees for ESI: SS??

ESI: SS will have the registration fee of, INR 40,000 (plus GST @18%).

2. What are the dates for ESI: SS?

The dates for ESI: SS are the same as ESI: Combustion & ESI: Electric - Feb 7th to 10th, 2020.


ESI 2020 Rulebook will be followed for the ESI: SS as well. It can be found under downloads.

4. What is the venue for ESI: SS?

The venue for ESI: SS is the same as ESI : Combustion & ESI : Electric 2020 – Talegaon, Pune

5. What is the submission criteria for ESI: SS?

Team taking part in ESI : SS do not require to make any document or report submission

6. Can a team enter a vehicle from previous events?

Yes, you can use any vehicle from any year. However, the tech inspection would be as per rulebook for ESI 2020. It is the onus of the team to ensure their vehicle meets the tech guidelines for ESI 2020.

7. Can an institution enter a team under SS category if they are part of the ESI 2020 already?

Yes. An institution can have multiple teams , however, each of the teams would be treated as separate entries and would require to go through tech inspection and other event separately. Same team members cannot be used to enter multiple entries. Each team should be completely independent of other entries from same institution.

8. What awards would be given out for ESI : SS?

All teams taking part in ESI : SS would be eligible for the awards announced for ESI : 2020 dynamic events. For more details, visit the link below.

9. What IS the points distribution for ESI: SS?

10. Is there any restriction on Powertrain?

Teams are free to choose between combustion and /or electric powertrains. However, they must comply with the tech and safety regulation for each category.

11. How to register for the event?