Sponsors are the soul of the competition. We, at Enduro Student India are lucky to have with us an enthusiastic group of sponsors that are aligned with our vision and narrative of nurturing young engineering minds to prepare them for greater roles in the future.



Magna Steyr India

Magna Steyr India was a special sponsor for Enduro Student India 2019. They supported the event equally and prodigiously in terms of guiding the participants in engineering design as well as spoiling them with cool merchandises.

A riveting evening seminar was hosted by Mr. Parag Dol on the topic of Road Load Data to Simulation: FEMFAT Lab.

Furthermore, we had six judges from Magna present at the competition site to judge the participants. Most notably, the head of powertrain division, Mr. Manish Kulkarni, was also present to judge the teams on the newly formatted Design Validation event.

Needless to say, Magna’s presence at the event added a flair that could not have been otherwise possible and left an indelible mark on all participants and organizers alike.


Scolarian, sponsors of the event since 2016 are the pillars that have offered constant support to the constant and its participant throughout the years. They are active throughout the year and work in conjunction with most teams to lend their expertise and guide the teams through their journey. We at ESI look at Scolarian as proud parents for the founders have been alums of the competition and we have watched them grow from strength to strength. Scolarian proudly sponsors the event by supplied custom hand crafted and machined trophies. Oh, and they lend us their vehicle for us to use (*thrash) at the competition ;)