The following terms and conditions are applicable to all participants who register for Enduro Student India 2020 and ESI Shootout Special. All participants, faculty advisors, college authorities and any other persons involved directly or indirectly with the participants are bound to follow the regulations for the competition. The regulations are subject to be updated due to various circumstances, of which you will be intimiated in written via official email to your registered email id. Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, all the below mentioned terms and conditions are applicable to both Electric and Combustion teams.


  1. Registration Fees and other details regarding registration

  2. Seeded Entries

  3. ESI 2020 Shootout Special

  4. ESI 2020 Scholarship programme

  5. Penalty guidelines for submission delay

  6. Onsite regulations: Extra member registrations, Insurance and Security Deposit

  7. General Terms and Conditions


*The registration fees for Enduro Student India 2020 through standard entry is INR 75,000/-(plus 18% GST) and payment structure for various categories is as follows (Electric and Combustion):

Entry type Payment Division Deadline Amount
Scholarship Program Registration Fee  30.04.2019 Full Payable Amount (plus GST)
Seeded entries Registration Fee - Stage 1 15.05.2019 40,000/- (plus GST)
Registration Fee - Stage 2  29.05.2019 35,000/- (plus GST)
Standard entries Registration Fee - Stage 1  27.06.2019 40,000/- (plus GST)
Registration Fee - Stage 2  18.07.2019 35,000/- (plus GST)
Late entry Registration Fee - Stage 1 21.09.2019 40,000/- (plus GST)
Registration Fee - Stage 2 07.10.2019 40,000/- (plus GST)
Shootout Special Registration Fee 15.01.2020 40,000/- (plus GST)
  • Installment dates are fixed and cannot be postponed on request from team, unless the same is changed by organizers due to mitigating circumstances. In case of any changes, the same will be intimated to teams in advance, in written. In case a team does not pay up within 7 days of the deadline, the team will forfeit their spot in the competition and no refund will be given.

  • The above-mentioned registration fees will be subject to GST @18% (or as declared by the government at the time).

  • The above-mentioned registration fee is applicable for 30 members in a team. In case team wants to add more team member beyond 30, INR 2000/- (plus GST) will be charged per additional member after the first 30 members.

  • Late entry is subject to availability of slots. Admission through late entry would be determined by a second rules quiz to be held immediately after taking all entries from interested teams (check calendar for dates). Registration fees for entry through late entry will be INR 80,000/- (plus GST).


  • Teams who finished in top 20 of ESI 2019 (Combustion) & top 3 of ESI 2019 (Electric) are considered as “Seeded Entries” and are exempt from the selection quiz. They can confirm their slot for ESI 2020 directly by paying the registration fees in full on or before 29th May,2019.

  • If a team within top 20 of ESI 2019 (Combustion) & top 3 of ESI 2019 (Electric) who wishes to participate in ESI 2019 fails to pay the registration fees in full within 29th May, 2019 they will be stripped of the “Seeded Entry” status and would require to qualify for the competition by clearing the Selection Quiz.

3. ESI 2020 Shootout Special :

ESI 2020 Shootout Special is a dynamics based event which will be held alongside the main event for 2020. Teams participating in this category do not have to make any submissions throughout the year and would only take part in the dynamics events. Teams under Shootout Special must clear technical inspection which includes mechanical scrutiny, engine or powertrain check (for Electric teams) and brake test onsite after which they can participate in all Dynamics events. They will compete for prizes as declared previously for the dynamic events.

  • ESI 2020 Shootout Special will follow the ESI 2020 Rulebook.

  • The last date to make the payment of registration fees for ESI Shootout Special is 15th January, 2020.

  • A team can participate in the event using their old vehicle as long as it clears the technical inspection onsite.

  • Shootout Special teams, after clearing Technical Inspection will be able to participate in Acceleration, DirtX, Sprint and the Endurance Race.Shootout Special teams will be eligible for awards only in the above-mentioned events. The rankings for the above categories will be generated after taking into account all participating teams across all categories.


Eligibility for ESI Scholarship program will be determined by the criteria’s as follows:

Competition Eligibility Criteria: Combustion Eligibility Criteria: Electric Discount %age
Enduro Student India 2019 Top 5 Overall Top 3 Overall 50%
National level competitions Top 3 Overall Top 3 Overall 40%
International Competitions Top 10 Overall Top 10 Overall 40%
  • For any National Competition, other than ESI, to be considered eligible for Scholarship program, the competition must be of similar nature (have both static and dynamic events) with minimum of 50 confirmed entries for the competition in total.

  • For participants eligible through Enduro Student India, results from ESI 2019 will only be considered.

  • Similarly, for International Competitions, to be considered eligible for Scholarship program, the competition must of similar nature (have both static and dynamic events).

  • For teams qualifying based on results from other competitions, the event needed to have taken place between 1st April,2018 to 18th April,2019. Results from events earlier/later than the dates will not be considered.

  • Total 10 teams will be accepted under the Scholarship scheme and these will be made available on First Come First Serve basis.

  • To be eligible for consideration under the ESI Scholarship program the team is required to provide official competition results available on public domain along with the competition dates.

  • Any decision regarding acceptance/rejection of teams under the Scholarship Scheme is to be made by the organizing committee and will be final and binding.


  • A penalty of 10 points per day will be applied on Overall score of the team if they are delayed in meeting submission deadline for each category. This will be accumulated to a maximum of 10 days for each category after which the criteria mentioned in the next paragraph will apply.

  • Should a team be delayed in more than 10 days in any category and/or a cumulative delay of 21 days across all submissions, a total penalty of 210 points will be levied on the Overall score of the team.


  • Insurance coverage is mandatory for all drivers and any team members who would be accessing the hotpits and dynamic areas (including the team members would be pushing the vehicle to the dynamic areas). The members requesting access to Hotpits and Dynamic access would be provided non-transferable identification tags (other than high visibility vests).

  • A participant requiring insurance coverage can get the same through their insurer as well. The participant would be required to email us the policy document one month prior to the competition. The policy document should cover high risk events and have accidental medical coverage of INR 1 lakhs.

  • The insurance can also be obtained onsite for the duration of the competition. The insurance amount is 500/- (plus taxes) per person and payable only at the competition site during onsite registration.

  • In case we find the participant submitting their own insurance is insufficient to cover the risks at the event site, he/she would be required to purchase insurance through us at the event site.

  • A refundable security deposit of INR 10,000/- is to be deposited during onsite registration as insurance against littering and damage to the facilities onsite. This deposit is mandatory for all teams.

  • Secured storage area for equipment (spares, laptop bags, food items etc) for team members need to be organized by teams and will not be provided by the organizers. The organizers will not be responsible for any loss of baggage, equipment, belongings, tools or any other materials from the event site or in reference to/ during any time of the competition.

  • The registration fees does not include the charges for accommodation, food & beverages and/or transportation. Accommodation, food & beverages and/or transportation is the responsibility of each participating team and should be arranged for by them. Drinking water, adequate lighting, toilets and temporary pit area will be provided by organizers of Enduro Student India.


  • By registering for the event, you agree to abide by all the rules, regulations and any other directives/notification/instruction from the organizers regarding the event.

  • The organizers reserve the right to modify/alter the event schedule, dates & location of the event.

  • The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject entry for any Team, its members or any other user.

  • The organizers reserve the right to “disqualify” or remove the entry of any Team, participants or any other person involved with the event at any point in time. Any Team, Participant or any other person involved directly or indirectly with the competition, if found using un-fair means throughout the course of their application to the event will be immediately disqualified with necessary legal action (severity of which to be decided by the organizers) taken against the participant, team and any other person or authority involved.

  • The prize money for ESI 2020 will be awarded based on number of confirmed entries received (paid in full) and does not include the 10 teams to be accepted under Scholarship categories.

  • In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, the team agree to save harmless and keep indemnified the organizers of Enduro Student India 2020 , officials, the sponsors, agents, representatives, employees and all persons assisting them in this event and all owners and tenants of private property traversed by this event, from and against all actions, claims, cost, expenses and demands in respect of death, disability or injury to myself or any other person or persons or loss or damage to any property including the car concerned in this event, if any or otherwise howsoever and not withstanding that the same may have been contributed or occasioned by the negligence of the organizer and their official, agents, representatives, employees and all persons assisting them in this event or for that matter any fellow competitor(s). The indemnity shall be binding on the applicant(s) heirs, executors and legal representatives.

  • By submitting their entry to the competition the applicant(s) agree and undertake to abide by the rules and regulations framed for this event including the conditions precedent set out herein and all other rules and regulations, which may hereinafter be framed.

  • By submitting their entry to the competition the applicant(s) shall refrain from using in any form copying, duplicating, extracting, digitizing or disassembling onto any medium, altering, selling, republishing, transmitting, distributing on or offline or directly or indirectly exploiting for commercial purposes, all or part of the tangible & intangible elements of the event.

  • By submitting your entry to the competition the applicant(s) acknowledge that the organizers of Enduro Student India enjoy the sole intellectual property rights of the event including the rights of use or distribution relative to all material, including, but without being limited thereto, logos, graphics and illustrations, images, film, footage and photographs, articles, editorial content, journalistic magazines, interviews and results

  • By submitting your entry to the competition, the applicant(s) undertake that any advertisement pertaining to their participation, performance and placing in the event shall correctly state the correct and complete title of the event “Enduro Student India 2020”. Furthermore, this will be made clear to your sponsor(s).

  • By submitting your entry to the competition the applicant(s) agree and undertake not to agitate, litigate or seek the decision of a Court of Law on any matter or question concerning or relating to the event commencing from the submission of the entry up to the conclusion of the event and the declaration or distribution of prizes.

  • By submitting your entry to the competition the applicant(s) agree to authorize the organizers to use pictures, videos & other engineering documents as submitted by us as part of the competition, in public seminars to spread awareness about good engineering practice & avoiding common mistakes.

  • By submitting your entry to the competition, the applicant(s) agrees that ESI 2020 will be photographed & videotaped for promotional purpose of future events & applicant(s) are giving consent to be photographed during the event.

  • The terms and conditions mentioned will be binding to the fullest extent to all of the team members, faculty advisors and management of the institution both collectively and individually. Any misdemeanor of any nature irrespective of verbal, physical and/or online will result in expulsion from the competition and legal action against the team members, faculty advisor & the respective institution.